Marketing is the petrol that fuels business growth

For many of us, our car is one of our most treasured possessions. For others it is essential for getting us about, doing the shopping, the school run – the list is endless.

And you have to keep an eye on the fuel. Because if you run out the car stops and getting from A to B becomes a real struggle. Especially if you rely on your car.

So think of your car as your business and your marketing activities as the petrol that keeps the engine running and fuels growth. You might be able to keep going for a short while when the dial is on Empty. However if you don’t fill up soon, you are going to grind to a halt.

Maybe the analogy is a bit clunky and not all businesses are the same, but marketing is a key aspect of gaining and keeping customers. And customers are the lifeblood of any business. You might feel that you have a decent number of regular and repeat customers and that will do you nicely. But things change, people can move, businesses can close.


Basically if you do nothing then your customer base will naturally reduce over time. Your business will not just have stopped moving forwards, it will be going backwards.

Regular marketing and promotion of your products and services, special offers and promotions will help to keep your existing customers. Plus, it will also attract new business. You should use your marketing activities to help you achieve a healthy balance of regular and loyal customers as well as a steady flow of new clients and prospects.

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