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Liverpool PromoteSME app on Robin Road

Use our app to keep in touch with companies and organisations across the North West region

Use the Liverpool PromoteSME App to communicate and engage with North West businesses

We have developed the PromoteSME app in partnership with Robin Road. It is designed to help North West businesses communicate and engage with each other. Client businesses and organisations from across the region feature on the app.

The app is free to download and use (on Android or Apple). There’s also a number of ways businesses can be featured on the app and use it to keep in touch.

Why use the app?


An app is all about convenience. Users want to just take out their phone, tap a button and quickly get to the information that they need. And for that information to be visually appealing and easy to read on screen.

Our app makes it quick and easy to find information on numerous companies from across Merseyside, Manchester and the North West. Keyword and sector based searches make it even easier to source suppliers of a particular type of product or service.

Users can also keep up to date with the latest news, insights and product / service offering from featured businesses.

Why feature on the app?

Being featured on the app enables you to better communicate and engage with your customers, contacts, members, participants, stakeholders, etc.

Furthermore, it is a great way to differentiate yourself from other businesses in your area or sector, and allows you to highlight your industry skill and knowledge.

Get your business listed on the app – £60+VAT per year

Choose Package 1 to have your business listed in the ‘Company Details’ section of the app and one ‘Area of Service’ listing. You will also have your own Company Overview page including your contact details, website and logo.

Business listing plus inclusion in areas of service and keywords – £120+VAT per year

Package 2 provides all the benefits of Package 1 plus a number of enhanced features. Firstly, inclusion in up to 6 Areas of Service listings with priority listing in the first available position in each. Secondly, inclusion in up to 10 Keywords listings, again with priority placement in the first available position in each listing.

Share your latest news, industry insights and knowledge- £240+VAT per year

As well as everything included in Package 2, Package 3 enables you to share company news, blogs, articles and insights via the app.

Each month Robin Road will review your website. Your news, articles, blogs, insight and newsletter content etc will then be incorporated into the ‘News and Insight’ section of our app.

You are also welcome to send over your news articles and content at any time.

Your content is then always available on the app. An ideal way to engage with those who haven’t seen your e-newsletter or new postings on your website/social media.

Download the app and start connecting with North West businesses now

Download the Robin Road App for Android or Apple and once installed, choose Liverpool PromoteSME from the available communities.

Go further with your own app on Robin Road

Robin Road will deliver a marked improvement over the communication and information-sharing tools currently used to engage with your customers and contacts.

With your own home screen. Your own branding and colours. all your own content.

Your own app presented within the Robin Road platform so that everything you want everybody to know about you is always instantly available, whenever and wherever needed.

For more information and a quote please contact Michael Shuster (details below) quoting ‘Liverpool BA’ to access the latest rates and offers.

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Contact: Michael Shuster Tel: 0330 113 5421 Send an e-mail

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